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Away Message (留守応答, Rusu Ōtō) is the seventh episode of the Future Diary anime.


Yuno continues to stay at Yuki's home with Reisuke being all around them attempting to kill them both.

Yuki then finds out that Reisuke is a diary holder and then attempts to find Reisuke's diary while Yuno wants to kill Reisuke instead.

In the midst of Yuki's search for the diary, Yuno suddenly disappears and Yuki finds her pursuing Reisuke with a mallet. Rea Amano, Yuki's mom, becomes alert of all the noise then decides to check what is the commotion all about. But when she goes out, Yuno accidentally hit her head with the mallet.

After a talk with Yuki, Yuno decides to look for the diary in order for Yuki to forgive her. Eventually, she finds it and a death match happens between Reisuke and her.

Yuno was about to die when Yuki saves her. In the end, Yuno manages to kill Reisuke and attain the antidote but faints and fails to give Yuki the antidote.

Minene Uryu, after a tip-off from Keigo, shows up and gives Yuki the antidote.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

Muru Muru approaches Reisuke in the playground to inform him of his role in the survival game. The child states he will only agree to participate if he is taken to see an alien. Muru Muru offers him a ride in a flying saucer marked "Property of Deus", telling him playing the game will make him elite/self-sufficient. Deus Ex Machina is seen drinking tea and watching anime, but finds his saucer is gone when he needs to set down his cup.

Major Events Edit

  • Death of Reisuke Houjou
  • Minene saves Yuki

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