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Away Message (留守応答, Rusu Ōtō) is the seventh episode of the Future Diary anime.


The episode begins with Reisuke Houjou, after revealing himself to be a 5th Diary User at the end of the previous episode, changes tactics: since Yukiteru and Yuno's Future Diaries together form a strong duo, and his, the Hyper Vision Diary, has only three entries per day, he opens his bag, full of medic equipment and stuff, and leaves the bathroom.

After the opening theme, Yukki, Yuno, Rea Amano and Reisuke eat a big meal made for lunch. Reisuke points out that he helped to make the salad, with Rea verifying it. She, however, receives a phone call and leaves the kitchen. Yukki asks Reisuke about his arrival. Then the scene changes to a recent flashback where we can see Reisuke making the salad. But in the end, he injects a cherry tomato with toxic substances. Yuno then rolls tomato on her fork, and just about Yukki was about to eat one, she stopped him, claiming that the weight difference is not right. Reisuke knows he failed now and Yuno takes hers and Yukki's salad away. When she left, he checked his cell phone and noticed the future rewriting in his Future Diary.

Yuno confronts Reisuko to apologize for throwing away the salad. She hopes that the person who killed his parents gets caught soon, and pats him on the head. When she walks away, he makes a psychotic expression, saying he loves her. However, in the bathroom, he removes some wires from inside of the washing machine. He reconfigurates them to accumulate power greater than 50 mili-Ampers, which can cause death to a human. He also mixes water in bathtub with salt to the conductivity increases. Some time later, Yukki dried his hair and recalls the change in the future from earlier and finds out that there is a Diary User nearby. The future rewrites again and it says that Yuno is going to be electrocuted at 7:21 PM. In the meantime, Yuno prepares for the bath when Reisuke enters, now with a pair of rubber gloves and holding previously mentioned wires. Yukki, in horror, finds out he won't make it in time and tries to find something he can interrupt the electroshock with. Just before Reisuke plunged wires in the water, Yukki turns the hair-dryer on turbo, causing a drop in the electricity and spoiling child's plan. He runs out of the bathroom, naked and laughing, when Yukki entered it to check on Yuno.

Meanwhile, Minene Uryuu receives a message from Keigo Kurusu, implying of child being at Amano residence to be the Fifth Diary User. She is certain of Yukki being reluctant to kill a child.

And it is: during the search for his Future Diary, Yuno shows up holding a knife, with Yukki reluctant about trying to kill Reisuke, pointing out they just have to find his Diary. Reisuke then walks out of the bedroom saying they will never find it and pulling his bag away. Later they are still searching for it and Yuno still hasn't changed her mind. They begin to search for the Diary in the backyard, with Yuno noticing Reisuke looking at her, sarcastically smiling. Yukki notices the convenience store where the child went with Rea a day ago, but then notices Yuno is gone.

In fact, she gives up on plan and chases Reisuke through the house with a mallet. Unfortunately, Rea heard the noise and opened the door, with Yuno accidentally knocking her unconscious with a mallet. Yukki is insane. After healing Rea and putting her to rest, she accepts Yukki's plan, but she goes to meditate on the kitchen table to find the Diary. She falls deep in some sixth sense, gaining access to Reisuke's thoughts and finds out the child planned it all; he sent his Diary to the Amano residence, and at the very moment the doorbell rings, Reisuke appears at the door and takes the package. However, Yukki runs in to steal the package and begins to open it. But Yuno, upon checking her Diary, yells at him to don't open it, but it's too late.

The poisonous gas spreads through the room, and he faints. Reisuke holds the package which was a trap from one side, and on other side there was his Future Diary, and wearing a gas mask. Yuno retreats with Yukki in the bathroom, with the child initiating a game of Hide & Seek: if Yuno gets Reisuke, he gives her the antidote to the gas and she wins. Rea was taken to fresh air so she could not get poisoned. The game was violent and the child set a lot of traps and squeaky toys, from the luring laughing toy, over pinheads on the doorpost to taping windows. Finally, she gets him on the first floor. However, he also let the tap water on to make water flow on the stairwell, dropping a light bulb to electrocute Yuno as well. She falls and Reisuke gets ready to inject her with something using a syringe. At that moment, Yukki throws a dart in Reisuke's right shoulder, goes up to Yuno and kisses her, giving a mouth-to-mouth in the process. The child retreats to the end of the stairwell while Yukki faints. Before stabbing Reisuke, Yuno says she simply loves Yukki.

Yuno's knife ends in Reisuke's chest and he gives her the antidote. However, before being wiped out of the existence, he says to her that she and Yukki will eventually end up killing each other if they both progress. Yuno then goes down the stairwell to give Yukki the antidote, but she faints. At that moment, Minene arrives and gives them the antidote.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

Muru Muru approaches Reisuke in the playground to inform him of his role in the survival game. The child states he will only agree to participate if he is taken to see an alien. Muru Muru offers him a ride in a flying saucer marked "Property of Deus", telling him playing the game will make him elite/self-sufficient. Deus Ex Machina is seen drinking tea and watching anime, but finds his saucer is gone when he needs to set down his cup.

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