Can We Survive? is the second chapter featured in the Future Diary: Mosaic spin-off manga.


Minene is first shown in the Sakurami City Mountains, where she seems to be chased by someone she is unknown of who actually is, however it is later revealed to be one of 6th's people. Soon a silhouette of a man is shown, which happens to be the 12th Diary Holder, Yomotsu Hirasaka, and Minene is then found laying in a bed. When she finally wakes up, 12th brings her to a doctor to see after her eye after it got damaged by Yukiteru's dart.

12th and Minene joins up as a team after a discussion between them, and Minene is later picked up by an ambulance 12th called after, however the "doctors" later turns out to be one of 6th's people, and Minene is later shown captured by 12th, because of the reason that he was given a mission to catch Minene herself before any of the other people that are considered as one of 6th's followers, in order to infiltrate the Onukata region.

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