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Future Diary Redial was first announced when it was revealed in an advertisement in 2012, where it was stated that a new Future Diary manga volume, alongside with an original anime DVD with a running time for about 25 minutes long, would be released in Japan.

In early April 2013, the first chapter of Redial was released.


Two years after Yuno Gasai of the first world died and Yukiteru Amano became God of the second world, the Yuno of the third world awakened to find that she had experienced another dream of Yuki due to Muru Muru implanting the first Yuno's memories into her third self. As she awakens, she discovers that she has overslept and rushes out of her house after a brief discussion with her now loving parent. Yuno soon meets up with friends Hinata Hino, Mao Nonosaka, and Ouji Kosaka as she raced to school.

In general, the third world Yuno had a very ordinary life, the only exception for one thing. Each day after school, she would visit an abandoned warehouse, and using a telescope, she would watch the Yuki of the third world as he happened to look like the male in her dreams. As she spies on him, she is caught by Aru Akise and his assistant Reisuke Houjou.

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