Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol 1

Album front cover

Mirai Nikki Inspired Album

The Album cover to Mirai Nikki Inspired Album Vol. 2

The Mirai Nikki Inspired Albums are two Music CD's containing Character Songs for each character of the series. Each character has at least one song with the exception of Yuno Gasai and Uryuu Minene who both have two(three if you count their couple character songs).

Song list Edit

  1. Brilliant limitation-Theme of Minene Uryu
  2. The song of a certain truth- Theme Of Aru Akise
  3. RED love:Theme of Yuno Gasai
  4. Cries of Avici:Theme of Tsubaki Kasugano
  5. Perfect trap:Theme of Reisuke Houjou
  6. UBIQUITOUS-Theme of Muru Muru
  7. You Are your life's leading part so walk with confidence : Theme of Yukiteru Amano
  8. Running For Your Life ~Therme of Cruth: Theme of Keigo Kurusu
  9. THIRD/Antares CR302: Theme of Takao Hiyama
  10. EGOIST:theme of Deus Ex Machina
  11. 7Th heaven:Theme Ai Mikami and Marco Ikusaba
  12. Never end :Theme of Hinata Hino
  13. Me! Now? The greatest!!!: Theme of Ouji Kosaka
  14. The wish to live the future: Theme OfYukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai
  15. Reject:Theme of Minene Uryu
  16. Happy fate: Theme of Yuno Gasai
  17. Lost children:Theme of Kamado Ueshita
  18. Herrscher:Theme of John Bacchus
  19. Justice Rangers GO 12th!!: Theme of Yomotsu Hirasaka

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