Throughout the series, multiple characters have been seen using their own forms on transportation, mainly to either escape from a deadly situation or to simply get them from place to place. This is a list of transportation devices owned by the characters in the series, and when it is used by them.

Minene UryuuEdit

Ducati Monster 696Edit

Minene's motorcycle first appears in Terms of the Contract, while she has the school under hostage, with many bombs planted throughout it. The color of it is a red paint. She uses it after being stabbed in the eye by Yukiteru Amano, and as a method of escape she unleashes a smokescreen from under her dress, and drives off on her Ducati Monster 696 before anyone could stop her and flees safely.

Her motorcycle doesn't appear again until Voice Memo, where she is looking over the city with it.

Kawasaki ZX-6REdit

Minene's second motorcycle, a Kawasaki ZX-6R, is seen in Delete All Messages where she is riding it along with Aru Akise.

John BacchusEdit

John Bacchus was found driving a black sports-like car, outfitted with the ability to cut out all cellular reception in the area.

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