Service Termination (サービス終了, Sābisu Shūryō) is the eleventh episode of the Future Diary anime.

Summary Edit

The episode begins with 4th speaking to 9th to make a deal that she will be erased from police records, but 4th has only one favor back.

After the opening Yuki remembers that he is the only one that's keeping Yuno sane, Shortly after the cops pick him up so that 4th can talk to him.

When Yuno is also seen there she thinks about escaping with a weapon in order to escape to keep there diaries safe, However Yuki tries to keep Yuno calm, Later Yuki gets taken into a room.

He sees 4th cleaning a revolver and getting it loaded, 4th then mentions that what would happen if he put 1st and 2nd at the scene of a homicide, Yuki Denies it and Kurusu accepts it as fact.

We go back to Yuno and she notices that her diary has rewrote the future and telling her that 4th has them at the palm of his hands then resorts to saving him, Yuno grabs a fire extinguisher and then follows a cop into the men's bathroom (Not being a pervert by the way) and hits the officer probably knocking him out, Nishijima then realizes what happens and runs in to stop Yuno, but Yuno then takes Nishijima hostage.

They then engage in a game of Russian roulette thus breaking the truce that they made, after a few turns of the game it goes to the last chamber and its Yuki's turn.

Yuno bursts in the room to save Yuki and shoots Kurusu multiple times in the chest and his left ear, Nishijima then enters the room to find Kurusu lying injured on the floor, Yuno acts as if Nishijima wants to hurt her or Yuki she turns around and aims the gun at him but due to Yuki's kind heart she shields him and tell Yuno she's needs to stop "I want the Yuno that's not in kill mode, please come back to me." Yuno then calms down.

Some of the cops heard shots were fired from the interrogation room so they ran to see what happened but in a nick of time, Yuno,Yuki and Nishijima(As Hostage) Run out to escape, 4th wakes up by the sound of his diary being rewritten, Yuno, Yuki and Nishijima run through the hallways to then grab attention from even more cops!

Cops then call for backup and first aid for Kurusu, Nishijima warns then both that its a bad move to pull an escape like this when the whole police force is after them but in Yuki's defense he said "I was forced to, its not like I had a choice!" They then run to the Emergency Exit but the cops tail them to the stairs but before Yuno does,She shoots a cop in the arm then follows Yuki, They run up 2 floors then a cop bursts into the room with a gun. Fun fact: Did you know the cops gun wasn't loaded weird huh?

2 other cops arrive to help him however the gave a warning shot but Yuki thought that shot was meant to hit them thus in self-defense, he shot him in the stomach, 4th's diary rewrote itself for him to see what happened to only compliment him saying "Nicely done kid".

Kurusu shortly after he checked his diary gets on the microphone to alert everyone that Yukiteru Amano and Yuno Gasai are running through the building trying to escape and all of the cops would have to hunt them down and stop them from escaping.

Yuki and Yuno soon check their diaries and learn that they both have Dead End flags, and Yuno gets shot in the arm a few seconds later. The scene changes to 4th getting first aid and lots of bandages on his face while planning to frame them he realizes that framing them wouldn't work except if he put them in a spot where the are not so innocent his plan would work.

They finally made it to the roof however not thinking so wisely that there is literally NO where to go except jumping off, but that would injure them and most likely kill them, Nishijima states that its not worth jumping off, Yuki then realizes that its his fault that this is happening to the didn't keep Yuno stable but below there is a truck with a mattress on top(What are the chances anyways of that happening?) So they jump off while kissing and Yuki realized "And from that moment on we were fugitives" then they are gone into hiding and that was the 1st half of the episode.

6/13 17:05 Sakurami City Downtown Area

Police were looking full force but are unable to find them and they exhaust the search.

Yuno And Yuki are seen hiding in a shed, Yuki was a bit worried about her arm but Yuno stated it was fine, Then you could hear Yuki's tummy grumble due to lack of food, Yuno tries to help by telling Yuki to power through it and wonder how the cops will pull of the arrest, Yuki complains a bit more but then Yuno has to take a leak so she goes to the other side of the shed to do it so she has privacy, a few seconds later Yuki mentions he smells donuts and talks about how his dad was good at making them only for Yuno to reply "Why did you folks split up?" This is were Yuki begins to has something against Grown ups.

Yuki then smells something but Yuno mistakes it for her urine(Wait so he smelled donuts from all the way other there on top of the smell of fresh urine? He has a good sense of smell!) But Yuki corrects Yuno saying its donuts that he smells they look out to see Kurusu's wife(From the previous episode) carrying a bag of donuts taking them into the nearby hospital for his sick son for when he wakes up so they follow her into the hospital to get a donut or two so when they go to follow her but while following her Yuno's diary got rewritten and when she checks to see what happens and when she saw it she screamed at Yuki to look out and, at that moment a bomb blew a hole in the floor. To there surprise someone arrives and it was 9th.

Holding Yuki hostage 9th compliments how Yuno is still in one piece after the explosion in the hallway, While she was talking Yuki pressed some of the buttons on her board and another bomb goes off right behind them. 9th and Yuki were trapped in between the two holes, so they had to make it across to Yuno or else the floor would fall apart killing them both, so to avoid this Yuno got a ladder and threw it to the other side hitting the floor and almost killing them.

The police were alerted by the explosion so they could come and see what happened, 4th was curious about what would bring them there.

Yuki was crossing the ladder only to be pulled back by Minene/9th because she didn't trust them not pulling the ladder so they get in an argument about who goes first but they form a temporary truce due to the fact that Yuno will shoot 9th if she backstabs them.

Before that Minene/9th gets a call from 4th to tell her his diary knows what's happening however she states she's buying him time Yuki gets confused. 4th then begins to argue about how 9th is dead now that she backstabbed him and she got more and more and more annoyed until she screamed at 4th. She remarked how it felt better.

Her diary rewrote it self to give 9th a DEAD END due to backstabbing 4th, She grabs Yuki and crosses to then throw Yuki back to Yuno and takes them to hospital room 413 and discover the truth behind the destroyed deal, it was for Minene to look after 4th's child if this game proves to be the end of him.

To win Yuki, Yuno and Minene have to temporarily team up to win so she "borrowed" the donuts from Kurusu's wife for Yuki and Yuno to eat due to the fact they were starving and to make him man up she said that Yuki is an adult now and she looked out the window to see the police outside and mentioned that the main reason Kurusu wants to be god is to save his son and she stated that when she agreed to a temporary truce, she meant it only until 4th was dead.

The episode ends with 4th stepping out of a police car.

Muru Muru's Section Edit

Muru Muru has dressed up as Kurusu and takes a weekly report from Masumi Nishijima. During the report, she has him buy katsudon for her and roleplay as a criminal in a police drama. The next day, the real Kurusu greets Nishijima in the morning, and the latter states he has already bought another bowl of katsudon and has been preparing for more roleplay, to the detective's confusion.