The Story of How Minene Uryu Got into Gothic Fashion is the fourth chapter featured in the Future Diary: Mosaic spin-off manga.


Minene is first shown running away from Takao Hiyama, the 3rd Diary Holder, only 4 days before Yukiteru defeated him. As she is running away from him, she happens to find Nishijima at the Demolition Grounds of Bougeijyutsu University. Minene quickly tries to abscond, as she comes to think of that he is a part of Sakurami's Police Departments. However she is not quick enough, as Nishijima caughts her only a few seconds after. They do not have much time though, as 3rd is just about to reach them.

Minene and Nishijima hides to what Geijyutsu University used to be. As they are walking around in the building, Nishijima gets to think of that Minene may be feeling cold and offers her a rather feminine dress that he happened to find scattered around the ruins. Minene refuses to take it on, however what seems like only a few minutes after, she comes out of a closet wearing it. As they are planning on what to do with 3rd, Nishijima gets to know a more "girly" side of Minene.

Later they get out and find 3rd. They make him run up to the Music Room in the university they are placed in, where several number of stereos are scattered around. As 3rd reaches them, Minene turns on her sound bomb, and as the extremely loud sounds are going, Minene and Nishijima gets a chance to abscond. Though they did seem like a very happy couple, Minene shoots him down, much to the surprise of Muru Muru, which has been watching the whole time while she had read a shoujo manga, expecting the "love" story of Minene and Nishijima to be the same. Though she later admit that it indeed was fun to experience being a girl for once.


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