• Esmorax

    So far..

    April 20, 2012 by Esmorax

    Well, here's my 2nd blog post :x

    I'm just reviewing all the edits and changes that have occured since I joined this wiki.

    When I came the wiki was already in good state, however there was a noticeable lack in images and episode summaries.

    I've tried and am still trying to fill this wiki with the best images and summaries I can get/make to make the wiki much more attracting for the readers.

    I think I've done quite well so far, but not without the great support I received form BG, Lau and Gid, especially at grammar and interfaces(which aren't my best subjects :$).

    I intend to continue adding images and working on the summaries until at least those two subjects are (IMO) completed :P

    I hope that you will all be able to contribute to this awesome wi…

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  • Esmorax

    The Beginning

    April 6, 2012 by Esmorax

    Hey guys, I just felt that I should contribute to the world of wikia ;)

    So starting from today.. I will try to post whenever I feel I could contribute wherever!

    - es

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