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  • I live in a box.
  • My occupation is daddy.
  • I am not entirely a loser, my mum says. :D
  • MasterLau


    March 17, 2012 by MasterLau

    Ok so obviously, we needa work on our background. So I made an example of what our background can be at my own wiki here. It looks pretty decent on my laptop but I dunno about you guys. (@Maxie, I know that background image is not what you asked for but I had trouble finding yours in high resolution so I settled with this one for now.) Anyhoo, this is my first shot at a background cuz I'm pretty new at this. It's up to you guys if ya wanna use this background.

    Also, another thing. What do you guys think should be the main color of our wiki? Cuz so far blue is ruling xD If you guys don't want blue, we can change it into another color.

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  • MasterLau


    March 3, 2012 by MasterLau

    Hey everyone! Nice to meet ya, I'm Lau. So I noticed for a while now how this wiki has no admins ever since I joined a while back and even to this day, we still don't have any. That's sad cuz admins are important for the wiki to run efficiently. So anyway, I'm willing to become adopt this wiki and become its admin because I want this wiki to grow. Future Diary is too aweshum of a series for its wiki to be so behind. Anyhoo, the purpose of this blog is to see if any other active editors here also want to become an admin and we can discuss about it.

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